Kisich vs Exhibit Works – Verdict awarded to Plaintiff for $4.9M

Case Name: Kisich v. Exhibit Works Inc. Case Number: 2012-45003 Verdict Date: 2015-01-20 Outcome Type: Settlement Court: Mr. Kisich was seriously injured at the Houston Auto Show when a display wall, designed and constructed by the defendants, collapsed and fell on him. He sustained multiple fractured ribs, permanent ulnar nerve damage, and underwent a lumbar fusion. The ca Plaintiff’s Complaint: Mr. Kisich was seriously injured at the Houston Auto Show when a display wall, designed


Sharla Kay Graham vs Senior Living Properties & Alisa Prueitt – Verdict in favor of Plaintiff for $16.7M

Case Name: Sharla Kay Graham, et al. vs. Senior Living Properties, LLC and Alisa Prueitt Case Number: 067-269110-13 Verdict Date: 2015-02-04 Outcome Type: Jury Verdict Court: Please see attached case summary. Incident Date: 2013-08-14 Plaintiff’s Complaint: A Tarrant County jury has awarded more than $16 million to the family of a Hamilton man who died after a vehicle driven by a nursing home employee crashed into the family’s car in August 2013. Samuel Dale Graham,


$24M Settlement Awarded in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

This is a settlement for the Wrongful Death lawsuit. Fort Lauderdale, FL: A jury trial verdict for $24,057,83.00 has been awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit involving The Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. In 2012, a newlywed couple were visiting the hotel on their honeymoon. They were killed by a speeding car. The lawsuit alleged that the Riverside Hotel had actual or constructive knowledge that motor vehicles regularly and routinely exceeded the posted speed limit


Toyota Defective Steering Class Action Reaches Settlement

This is a settlement for the Toyota lawsuit. Los Angeles, CA: A settlement has been reached between Toyota and over 800,000 drivers in a pending defective automotive class action lawsuit. The suit, filed in California federal court, claims that the power steering systems of some Corollas caused the vehicles to drift out control. According to court documents, lead plaintiffs Irene Corson and Susan M Yacks, and Toyota, sought preliminarily approval of the deal in March,


Honda to Pay $70M for Under-reporting Injuries & Deaths

This is a settlement for the American Honda Finance Corporation, WFS Financial, Inc.; and Toyota Motor Credit Corporation lawsuit. Los Angeles, CA: American Honda Motor Co. Inc. has agreed to pay $70 million in fines to resolve allegations made by US federal regulators that during a near 10-year period, from 2003 to 2014, the auto maker failed to report 1729 deaths and injuries related to possible safety defects in its vehicles. According to the National


Wal-Mart to Pay $25M of $161M Blitz Exploding Gas Can Settlement

This is a settlement for the Defective Products lawsuit. New York, NY: Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest retailer, will pay $25 million as a settlement contribution to resolve a raft of personal injury lawsuits filed by people who were injured or had someone they knew killed by exploding portable plastic gas cans, NBC News reports. Wal-Mart is the largest US retailed of plastic gas cans, and sold tens of millions of Blitz gas cans, which, the


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