How do we do this? - Well, truth be told, we are very good at quickly understanding the details of a case and have a very high success rate.

Of course, proven attorneys with great cases can easily get the best rates. But we also have a knack of seeing beyond the surface. And we listen to every case carefully to make sure that you will be offered the best rates in the industry.


Efficient and quick

You are busy and we are here to make sure the process is smooth and takes up as little of your time as possible.

We are easy to contact

Even if it's past our office hours, we are always available by phone or email 24/7 for quick quotes or other questions. We know how important timing is with the court.

We are reliable

Customer service is a huge priority for us. We offer reliable and professional support for you and your client.

Funding ethics

is legal funding ethical for attorneys?

According to the opinion issued by the New York City Bar Association: “...before recommending financing companies, a lawyer should conduct a reasonable investigation to determine whether particular providers are able and willing to offer financing on reasonable terms.” Rule 2.1 of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct requires a lawyer to provide candid advice regarding whether the financing arrangement is in the client’s best interest. In addition, a lawyer has an ethical obligation to zealously represent the client in order to maximize the client’s recovery. We at Grape Leaf strongly believe that this includes the duty to help a client find a funding company with the lowest rates.

Key features of
our services

  • Located in Downtown Manhattan
  • Streamlined process with clear documentation
  • Dedicated account services for each client
  • Funding solutions designed to help you negotiate maximum settlement values
  • Same day approvals
  • Approval rate of upwards of 95%
  • Lawsuit funding from $500 to no limit
  • The most competitive rates for your clients


Many people don't know this but we are not just money guys. We have law degrees and understand personal injury case law very well.

This knowledge is crucial in being able to understand the specifics of your case and providing quick approval with the best rate possible.

asked questions

If the case is settled, how does my client pay back the funds advanced to them?

When you receive the payment from the defendant you ask for the payoff letter from us and send us the check for the amount indicated in it. Once we receive the payoff check we release the lien for the case.

What kind of cases are funded?

We fund personal injury cases (e.g. auto accidents, slip and fall, construction accidents)

How CAN surgical funding help my client and the case?

As an experienced personal injury attorney you will agree that surgery cases are usually stronger, easier to resolve and result in higher recovery than similar cases without surgery. You are also aware of the fact that many times clients lack insurance coverage or personal funds to pay for a much needed surgery. This is where we come in. When your client needs a procedure and there is no other way to pay for it Grape Leaf Capital will cover all of the costs of the surgery. That way everybody wins! Your client receives the much needed medical treatment and as a result a higher financial recovery. You are able to achieve a much better result for your client because of the surgical procedure and now have a very happy client who will refer many more clients to you.

Why should I re-finance my clients prior funding contracts?

There are many funding companies on the market. Unfortunately, some charge excessively high rates (70-100% annually) and many clients get victimized by them all over again. You should recommend to your clients to refinance the expensive funding contracts before the accrued interest becomes impossible to pay back. This saves your client a lot of money and makes your case easier to resolve since you do not have to worry about an excessive funding lien or an unhappy client who refuses to settle because of it.

Why should I take advantage of Grape Leaf's early funding program?

Early funding is a great tool for clients who are disabled immediately after the accident takes place and either have no disability benefits or have to wait several months for the disability carrier to start paying. Most funding companies stay away from early funding due to the multiple risk factors. We at Grape Leaf believe in the attorneys we work with. If you like a case and after some investigation decide to keep it we can start funding your client immediately.

How can my client and I benefit from post settlement funding?

Imagine that you have just agreed on a fair settlement figure with your adversary and are now meeting with your client to present the offer. Wouldn't it be great if you could tell your client that they do not have to wait another 30, 90 or however many days it takes to collect ? Grape Leaf can advance up to 50% of clients net proceeds immediately after the settlement documents are submitted to the defendants carrier.


No. We do not influence your handling of the claim in any way.



We are a well respected provider of pre- and post- settlement advances.


We provide your clients with the ample funds needed to avoid financial challenges throughout their case, such as foreclosures, evictions, bankruptcies, and pending credit problems.


Grape Leaf Capital funding can pay for the cost of surgeries, helping your client receive the medical attention they deserve.


We aim to minimize the administrative burden. We will never interfere with case proceedings while providing your clients the financial assistance they need.

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