Legal funding created by people who know the legal financial industry
and who have vast experience.

Mission Statement

We at Grape Leaf Capital have the utmost respect for the Civil Litigation Attorneys who work hard to ease the pain and suffering of injured individuals. Many times we are the only hope to those who cannot defend themselves against large corporations with deep pockets and questionable ethics.

Our 1st goal is simple. We exist to assist the Plaintiffs Bar by providing accident victim's financial help in a quick and efficient manner. In addition, we are steadfast in keeping our financial products reasonably priced so that the injured plaintiffs can get the help they need without struggling to pay off financially crippling debts or bills.

Our 2nd goal to help attorneys and their clients create a level financial playing field when battling defendants with deep pockets. Whether it’s funding to cover rent payments or to pay for an expensive surgery, Grape Leaf is there to help make this possible. We stand with you and your client to provide financial resources, giving attorneys the time they need to fight the battle and win.


As your case settles, we can quickly provide you with funds to cover your expenses while you wait for your settlement money to arrive.

Here is a list of the kinds of cases we cover:


Many people don't know this but we are not just financial investors. We have law degrees and understand personal injury case law very well.

This knowledge is crucial in being able to understand the specifics of your case and providing the best rate possible.

Our support
for ST. JUDE

We believe it is our responsibility to give back to the community. That's why we donate 2% of our profits in a transparent and manner to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital every year.


At Grape Leaf Capital we take both legal and business ethics very seriously. Yes we are attorneys and as such do subscribe to a legal code of ethics. But that is not the only reason we consider ethical behavior to be of such importance. In today's day and age ethics are the fabric of our society, the much needed glue that holds it together. We believe that honesty, integrity and social responsibility are essential in business as well as every day life. That is how we live. That is how we conduct business at Grape Leaf Capital.

This is our Promise to you:

  • We will not take any actions to acquire ownership in your client’s litigation.
  • We will not interfere, participate or attempt to influence your client’s litigation.
  • We will not intentionally advance your client's funding in excess of the client’s needs at the time the advance is completed.
  • We will not intentionally over-fund a case in relation to it's perceived value at the time of such advance.
  • We will not advertise false or intentionally misleading information.
  • We will not offer or pay commissions or referral fees to any attorney for referring their clients to us.


For 60 years, the mission of the New York State Trial Lawyers has been "To promote a safer and healthier society, to assure access to the civil justice system by those who are wrongfully injured and to advance representation of the public by ethical, well-trained lawyers." Since it's beginning, the New York State Trial Lawyers Association has become a 3,500-member professional association.